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  • 1972
    Govindjibhai Hathi (Senior) and Nirmalabhen Hathi moved to the United Kingdom leaving their home in Uganda. Their only child, Samit Hathi joined them in 1972 at the tender age of 5, unable to speak English. The Hathi seniors worked tirelessly and saved enough money to purchase their first business, a convenience store in Coulsdon.
  • 1974
    The convenience store was sold 2 years later; a newsagent was then purchased.
  • 1982
    Samit's family moved into the off-licence business.
  • 1986
    Samit worked at his family's business during his holidays learning how to buy and sell every type of product. Learning to go into the cash and carry's business and having a dream to expand this business.
  • 1987
    Samit was awarded a place at Kings College, University to study Pharmacy. Whilst studying, he worked evenings and weekends in pharmacies to gain experience in all their departments.
  • 1989
    Samit qualified as a Pharmacist and completed his pre-reg at Kingswood Chemists.
  • 1992
    Samit worked 7 days a week locuming to save money to purchase his first shop.
  • 1993
    Samit purchased CH Smith Chemist in Croydon, Surrey with the help of a bank loan and family savings. The family worked hard to grow the business. Samit jointly owned 22 pharmacies with the Chotai family.

  • 1995
    Samit Hathi married Alpa Jobanputra. Alpa qualifed from Manchester University. She had secured a prestigious role as a Business Development Manager role for Unilver.
  • 1996
    Samit sold the pharmacies to Alliance Unichem.
  • 1997
    Samit earned a place at the London Business School to read Masters in Business Administration. Simultaneously Mr Hathi (Senior) started in the wholesaling of pharmaceutical business with a small local supplier C&D supplies, the same person who had sold them their first pharmacy shop. Alpa had left Unilver as a Business Development Manager and had moved to ICL as a Regional Sales Manager working for customers such as Marks and Spencers.
  • 1998
    When Samit graduated from London Business School, he then wanted to go into the wholesaling business. With the knowledge Mr Hathi (Senior) had acquired, Laxmico Ltd was born.
  • 1999
    Laxmico Limited was officially formed where Samit and Mr Hathi (Senior) started the wholesaling pharmaceutical business. This started in Park Royal Business centre.
    Alpa continued to work for ICL and worked evenings and weekends at Laxmico Ltd to help build the business.

  • 2000
    Alpa Hathi joins Laxmico Ltd full time managing Sales and Operations. They had 4 people Mr Hathi (Senior), Samit, Alpa and a Picker/Packer. B & S Healthcare was formed as a trading name for Laxmico Ltd. B & S stands for Buy and Sell.

  • 2001
    B & S Healthcare expanded and moved into a brand new estate in Park Royal called Oliver Business Park.
    The company milestones at this site were:
    • Audited and awarded our Parallel Import License by
    • Out grew Oliver Business Park within 1 year.
    • The business grew to 15 employees.
    • Samit and Alpa Hathi's first son was born named
       Kishan Samit Hathi.

  • 2002
    B & S Healthcare moved to Crystal Centre, Harrow.
    The company grew at a phenomenal pace.
    • Parallel Import Licenses grew to 500.
    • Irritations Improvements Company meeting
       was born.
    • The business grew to 75 employees.

  • 2007
    B & S Healthcare moves into a brand new purpose built facility in Ruislip.
    • Opening of the building in August 2007 whereby the
      Mayor, customers, suppliers and employees
      all came to the event.
    • Birth of B & S Export
    • Birth of B & S Property
    • Birth of O'Neills
    • Birth of Specials

    B & S Group was formed with all the trading names.
    • The business grew to 200 employees.
    • Samit and Alpa Hathi's second son was born named
      Sonish Samit Hathi.

  • 2010
    B & S Group acquired the assets of Colorama Pharmaceuticals, inheriting the following offices:
    • Oxford
    • Manchester
    • Scotland
    • India
    • An agglomeration of 800 employees.
    • Samit and Alpa Hathi's third child was born named
      Ishvara Jaya Laxmi Hathi.
    • An agglomeration of 800 employees.

  • 2011
    B & S Healthcare remains as the Parallel Import division.
    O'Neills remains as the Irish division.
    Thame Laboratories became the manufacturing and clinical division.
    Gowrie Healthcare Private Ltd became the business processing division.
    B & S Colorama was born, this is our distribution division.

  • 2012
    Future plans the Group sets its foundation to strive to become a 100 year old company by having the strengths and financial disciplines of a big company combined with the leanness, agility and warmth of a small company.