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B&S Group - VISION


"From humble beginnings our company has grown over the years into a substantial organisation supplying many retail pharmacies, into a highly efficient manufacturer of specials medicines and into a large player in Ireland."
Learning to Learn

The principle of learning applies to everyone within the company. We believe that constant innovation in everything we do is essential for our long term financial success. We need to be leaders in progression, our culture should encourage, reward creativity and initiative from all our employees.

Learning is not attained by chance it must be sought for with determination and attended to with diligence. Customer responsiveness and maximised competitive thrust are indispensible to turn innovation into a successful business.

Learning is the art of acquiring new knowledge. This may be in the form of behaviours, skills, values, preferences or understanding new markets, and may involve piecing together many different types of information. We learn from experience, education, sharing and much of these processes involve a conversation with others or ourselves.

Experimenting with what we learn and applying new knowledge to gain more experience involves failing. Failing in itself can be a great teacher if we learn from it. We can learn from others failure and we can help others learn from our own failures.

Business history is filled with companies who have failed to live this value and found themselves overtaken by nimble competitors and laid to waste.

Learning to be Better

Learning to be better is the art of knowing that we can always develop and acquire new skills, or modify existing knowledge, behaviours, skills and preference.

Learning to be better is about us recognising our own strengths and weaknesses and learning how our behaviour affects others and ourselves. Learning to be better is about learning what is important to our customers, learning how to be responsive to change and learning how to act with urgency.

In a company our size, jobs change. That doesn't mean we have to lose good people, their experience, loyalty and commitment. Our continual re-investment means new jobs are being created every day as we learn to be better we can adapt to new challenges.