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B&S Group - VISION


"As companies grow they require funds to finance their growth. This is much the same as moving into a bigger house, there are additional furniture costs, the rates are higher and the bills get bigger. In order to finance this growth companies have either sold stocks, parts of their business, brought on new shareholders or have incurred restrictive debt to fuel their business. In either case they exchanged a portion of their freedom, their ability to take long terms decisions, their ability to take long term measured risks in exchange for short term gains."
Private Ownership

B & S group is a privately owned family business. This private ownership is a deliberate choice. At B & S we believe in growth and believe that growth and long term prosperity can be achieved together. In order to achieve this goal there is a sacrifice that the stakeholders make to keep the majority of the company's profits in the business and hence continually increase their investment to fund future growth and to protect the company from excessive debts and danger.

This means not only do we keep the majority of our profits in the business but also for us to progress we have to make adequate profits so that we can re-invest those additional monies into additional projects which bring additional prosperity to all. We need freedom to shape our future and we need profit to remain free. The Group's objective is to consistently grow profitability and re-invest those profits to benefit the company. In the same way as we would expect more interest with more money in a bank account, for all additional re-invested monies we expect the company to earn more. Healthy profitable growth is essential for the company's long term survival and our structures and actions must be geared to this objective.
The Role of Profit

The company's freedom depends on the creation of profit. If the company is profitable then we need not borrow money to the extent that we might lose control over our affairs. As long as B & S remains free our well being can always come before any other financial priority.

To achieve this end a substantial portion of the company's operating profit must be re-invested each year. This then provides the cash that is needed to upgrade our systems, enter new markets, invest in R&D, innovate, implement new ways of working, acquiring new businesses and maintaining our competitive position.

We believe in the benefits of freedom and will continue to reinvest into the business thereby protecting our people, protecting our culture and allowing us to look towards the long term.