Dear valued customer,

As a result of reviewing our Customer Return Policy and having received information from the MHRA, we are updating our processes. The instructions below will allow us to process AMBIENT returns accurately and in a timely manner.

  • All returns must be requested WITHIN 24 hours of the delivery, as per Good Distribution Practice (GDP) legal requirements.
  • All returns requests must be made by contacting B&S Distribution Customer Services on customerservices@bnsdistribution.uk or by calling 0800 019 3839 opt#5.
  • Customer Services will email across the RMA (Returns Authorisation) number and a barcode to you on the email address which you have supplied.
  • Please print, cut & attach the barcode provided to each and every box (outer packaging) in which you have packed the goods.
  • 3 barcodes are supplied per RMA, however if you have more than 3 boxes to return on a particular RMA, please reprint the bar code document and attach the barcodes to the other boxes. Please ensure each box has a barcode.

  • Complete and sign the declaration & Insert the rest of the document which has been emailed to you inside one of the boxes as this will have details of what you are returning back to us.
  • Please note the issued Returns Authorisation number will deactivate on the 3 days from the delivery date at 3 pm. This means you will no longer be able to return the goods as this will now fall outside of the GDP guidelines when we receive into our premises.
  • Do not mix returns relating to multiple RMAs in the same box, as the barcodes will differ.
  • The driver collecting the goods will scan the barcode and enter the number of boxes they are collecting.
  • If you have mixed stock from multiple RMAs in one box, we will not be able to credit the products not relating to the barcode attached. You will be doing this at your own risk.
  • The barcode process will NOT apply if we use DX to deliver to you or collect returns from you. Please Turn Over.....
  • All returns must be RECEIVED back to B&S Distribution (Laxmico Ltd) premises within 5 days of delivery (this includes weekends & transportation), as per Good Distribution Practice (GDP) requirements.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to make sure the returns are packed and kept ready for collection so there are no delays upon collection. Any delays resulting in the returns not arriving to us within 5 days will result on not crediting the goods.
  • ONLY cardboard packaging is acceptable for Returns. Bottles should be adequately protected i.e. bubble wrapped before boxing. Drivers will refuse collection with unsuitable packaging and WITHOUT Barcodes.

Please note - any returns without both the barcode attached to the outer box and/or incorrectly packaged, will not be processed for credit and the goods destroyed - i.e., you will not be credited.

Product that has had labels attached directly onto the medicinal item and/or secondary packaging, or is marked/opened in any manner will be destroyed upon checking and will not be credited -please note this also includes patient prescription labels.

REMINDER Refrigerated return products will only be accepted from licensed wholesale customers, NOT retail pharmacies. All refrigerated returns must be requested on the same day as delivery is received and appropriate method of transportation must be used. A temperature log will need to be made available also, a fully completed, signed, declaration document must be enclosed so B&S Group can verify the status of goods.

Thank you for your help in ensuring the above returns process are adhered to as per MHRA guidelines.

Laxmico Limited (CRN: 06883630)] t/a B&S Distribution OR Gowrie Laxmico Limited t/a B&S Healthcare


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